The Difference between Technical SEO and Local SEO

The Difference between Technical SEO and Local SEO

You should focus on gaining organic traffic. It means that the traffic you have is free of cost. People search what they want, and the search engine shows your website as a result. It operates at different levels. Two of those types are Local SEO, and Technical SEO dealt with by numerous SEO Services.

1-    Local SEO

It is focused on the locality where you operate. A significant number of customers perform searches that are based on locations. If your business is not optimized for searches that are being placed locally, then you are not gaining full advantage from it. ‘Near me’ searches have become a trend. People now search for restaurants, service stations, pubs, and hotels that are based in a certain locality.

Google checks the location of that person and then suggests them results based on that. Its importance cannot be overstated. Daily, millions of localized searches are placed. It is especially important if you have got a physical presence in the area. Either people call you or visit yours directly at your local establishment.

The 3-pack:

You should strive for a place at Google 3-pack. What is it? Some time ago, if you searched online for a nearby restaurant, you got seven results. Those seven results were the best, according to Google. But as the use of smartphones exploded, Google reduced it to 3 results. Now it is called a 3-pack. The majority choose an option from the 3-pack. Hence, it is important to get a place there.


In order for your business to show up in local searches, it has to have a local physical address. Secondly, it should also be uploaded top Google My Business and other important directories. Only when you ensure all of these steps are taken will your business show up in localized searches.

Your name, address, phones number should be similar across all the directories. If there are any changes, Google will not consider you for the 3-pack. You can use SEO Services for this.

Citations & Reviews:

Citations are also valuable. You do not need a backlink here. Just getting a mention from someone is enough. For instance, if you run a shoe business, and someone mentions your brand in their blog for quality, you will appear trustworthy in front of Google.

Google also takes reviews into account, both positive and negative. Therefore, never forget to respond to them. Thank those who have reviewed positively and engage those who are not satisfied.

2-    Technical SEO:

It has to do with providing a solid foundation on which your content stands unflinchingly. It is an addition to on-page and off-page SEO. Technical SEO, to put it simply, improves crawling. Websites have to fill certain requirements put up by search engines. Those requirements keep changing. You have to perform constant modification in order to keep up with search engines.


There are specific elements of technical SEO that should be mastered. One of them is the speed that your website has. If it is taking too long to load, people will not bother to surf it. Keep your website simple. If your website has more components, it will take more time to load.

Similarly, different parts of the layout, such as widgets, also take extra loading time. But do not leave out important things. You ought to create a perfect balance here.

Avoid having too many redirects on one page. One redirect per page is enough. If you are adding too many redirects, pages will slow down automatically.

The cache can serve as a useful tool in this scenario as well. Website resources are saved on the computer, and pages load quickly the next time. That is why you should optimize the cache according to your requirements and make full use of it.


Your website should also work perfectly on mobile phones. It is an important metric being used by Google. Google has got great tools to check your website for mobile functionality.


The architecture of your website should also be built in an efficient way. It must be SEO-friendly. Google uses HTTPS as a factor to rank websites. So, it is ideal to use HTTPS on your website. It has other advantages too. If you use Google Analytics, the details of the referrer can only be checked if you use HTTPS.

Breadcrumbs help with navigation. It informs users about their current location on your website and guides them further. They cut down the number of actions users have to perform. Typically used by big websites, it should not replace primary navigation.

Your URLs should be concise and descriptive at the same time. It is ideal that a user knows what a URL contains before he or she clicks on it.

Siloing is also critical. It means to link different articles internally. Some older articles might be related to the newer ones. It is ideal for linking pages that belong to a similar category.

SEO-based marketing does not require any sophisticated expertise, but it does demand a solid understanding of the basics. Mastering these will let you extract huge benefits from a crowded market. Or, you could just hire We SEO Pro, and your issues will be resolved authoritatively. Remember, if you are not optimizing your business for the SEO, someone else is. That could turn out tie b the difference between the others and you. 


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