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In the age of digital media marketing, no business can survive without online marketing, and websites are the most important platform for this purpose. Every corporation wants its presence in online space. To fulfill this purpose, they have to develop a website to advertise their business products and services. WordPress is a platform where you built your websites, and it empowers almost a one-third website of the world. From blogging to managing websites for large enterprises, it provides solution packages, plugins, and adds on. Initially, it began to work in 2003 as a platform for blogging. Mike little and Mike Mullenweg took this project to provide a podium for developing a website or to write blogs. It is a choice of almost every distinguished business corporation in the US and around the world. Running a website is not about just developing a site. These world press sites need regular maintenance to keep them in working.

 Back in the 90s, developing and maintaining a website was not that difficult, but nowadays websites have become much more complex than ever before. Their efficient use can make them a marketing tool for you. Due to their complexity, they do not just need to build up, but they also require maintenance, and we provide all the WordPress website-maintained service, which is necessary to keep them in working productively. It is just like a machine that needs a regular maintenance mechanic and without which it can be obsolete.

Due to our Cheap WordPress maintenance packages, every small, medium, or large scale of businesses can afford our services. Some of the distinctive features of our WP services are discussed below:

Round the Clock Customer Support

We offer you our services 24/7 to provide you with monitoring, security, protection from hackers. We use the most secure online malware security tools. We provide the free cleanup of any mess created by a hack attempt.

Data Backups

We provide automatic data backup facility. It is done daily, and if the client requires, we do it on an hourly basis. For example, websites of e-commerce stores or publishers. We have a restoration of data option which can be avail on-demand anytime. Our restoring services allow restoring all the backup of 3o days within seconds. We back up all the data on the Amazon cloud, which is the most reliable source for the backup of data.

 Optimization of Performance

The performance optimizer keeps the check on the services of the website. Our best WordPress website maintenance services ensure that your site is working efficiently in terms of speed and giving better visiting experience to the visitors. We measure the poorly personalized themes, defective plugins, images, and many more and implement all the best industrial techniques to keep the site is running. These services also include our SEO that integrates your website on the top of the search engine results.


We provide the most affordable WordPress website maintenance plan that includes all the core services like daily backups on the cloud, WP updates, monitoring, security, and support. We are providing different plans according to your requirements. Basic protection plan, premium plan, and professional plan. The professional plan has backups, security, and monitoring services on an hourly basis. Besides this, it also includes a cloud proxy firewall, version control, and propriety support. Our professionally designed plan offers you a wide range of services, from the strategy planning to account management, we provide all supports efficiently that your website requires.

Security Plugins

We provide free and low-cost plugins that make your website protected. Sometimes you think that I don’t need any paid maintenance for my site; no one would try to hack my site as I have no such big market, but for hackers, there is no small or big website. Sometimes hackers just need a vehicle to carry forward a virus to the other sites.

Fix Runner Support

Fix Runner is a support team, based on experts who provide services to WordPress websites. Our Fix Runner services are based on your subscribed package. It includes the removal of malware, security, speed booster, SEO improvements, and backs up plans. We offer the most reasonable WordPress site maintenance cost according to your budget.

We provide Fix Runner services in different ways as One-time Fix; you can avail of this service if you are sure about the working of your website, and you only need to fix a single problem. We provide you expert services for that problem mostly on 30 days money back plan. If you require WordPress support, Fix Runner is a good solution for you. Through white-label service, we will deliver your customers the help they need, in your name, and through your brand. In the end, it is speed and reliability. You would love to avail of our services for your WordPress website as solves the issues so fast. You count every minute when your website is down, especially when you are doing online business, Fix Runner makes it sure to solve your problem in minutes.

 What are we up to at WeSeoPro?

We are one of the most prominent service providers for your websites, and we claim this for certain reasons. We do not facilitate you with our words just to fill in your web page blank spaces, but we deliver genuine content to help your website earn the A grade category. We do provide not only content but also provide pay per click management, content management, international and local SEO, social media marketing, web designing and development, and, most importantly, WordPress maintenance services. We help you in building your business reputation and satisfy your customers with our quality services.

Most prominent features of our services are:

Feel free to contact us for quality services and the optimization of your brand. Our customer support program is quick in responding and providing feedback for your queries.

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